One to One Consultations
Ana Cruz provides support via personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations aimed to improve all aspects of your life through dedicated one to one consultations.
Initial Consultation
An in-depth detailed family and medical history is taken. Dietary and exercise habits, occupational and emotional background are looked into as these are all contributing factors to an individual's good health or lack of it. During this process the underlying physiological and psychological triggers of the client's imbalance will be identified and a personalised plan encompassing dietary and life style changes will be recommended.
Follow-up Appointments
Follow-up consultations are designed to monitor an individual's progress and are generally scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after their initial consultation, according to the individual's needs.
How many sessions?
Each person's needs are different and therefore the follow-up sessions required vary. Results depend on the client's commitment to stay focused in complying with his or her personalised plan. Ana Cruz Nutrition will provide you with an achievable plan to suit your particular lifestyle.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes £85.00
Follow Up Appointments 45 minutes £45.00

One to One Consultations can either be conducted in clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

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